Interior designers and nomadism

depadesign & centquatrevingt degrés are french multitask interior design studios, based in Morocco & France and available abroad. Specialized in commercial, office & residential architecture, furniture design & graphic corporate identity.

Interior design studios set up : centquatrevingt degrés in Paris (France) & depadesign in Rabat (Morocco)    

1999 / 2000 
World bicycle tour & long term travels in Australia (2003) Scandinavia (2007) and Western Canada (2011).
Work inspiring immersions.

2003 / 1993 
Interior designers within french design studios in Paris: Rapp & Nogen, Zabeth Rapp, J.M. Willmotte et Patrick Rubin’s ex-assistant. CA&CO, Thierry Conquet, Andrée Putmann’s ex-assistant for Ecart International.

1999 / 1993
Travelling periods in Europe, Africa, Canada, Indonesia & Oceania    

Graduates from « École nationale supérieure des Arts Appliqués », Olivier de Serres in Paris. Qualified and members of Collège Français des Architectes d’intérieurs, CFAI in Paris.